Become a Cirris Easy-Wire® Power User

Cirris easy-wire Become a Cirris Easy-Wire® Power User

Manufacturers in need of more complex and accurate testing often require tools and software with greater capabilities than standard products. Cirris provides the necessary equipment for most testing jobs including a CH2 tester for complex cables, an xHV Power Supply for an extended current leakage threshold, and additional Easy-Wire software features such as custom instructions and Digital I/O.
Cirris now offers a full package of Easy-Wire features called Power User mode. Power Users have access to all areas of Easy-Wire. Rather than purchase one feature at a time, you can unlock all Easy-Wire features at once.
Imagine your test process when you have unlimited access to Easy-Wire software. After realizing the need for access to features, Power User mode was created for manufacturers using a CH2 tester. Become a Power User and you will never have to wonder what is possible. Every piece of software will be yours to utilize.

Power User mode includes the following features:

Custom Instructions (CH2 only) offers a range of options for testing complex cables and complying with specific test requirements. With this feature active you can:

  • Use external instruments such as digital multimeters and programmable power supplies.
  • Gain more control over the tester such as compliance limited 2-wire resistance measurements using specified current and compliance voltage.
  • Gain 2-point and bulk isolation measurements such as when testing switches and other complicated tests.

Custom instructions are usually licensed as individual instructions or sets of instructions. Power User mode provides access to all custom instructions, including new instructions added in future releases of Easy-Wire.

HV Graphing (CH2 only) provides the user with visual graphs of the hipot portion of a test. These graphs offer information similar to an Oscilloscope including,

  • ramp up
  • ramp down
  • testing phases
  • errors caught in real time

HV graphs indicate nets, including hipot status at the top of each window so the user can know exactly which net is currently being tested.

Graphs can also be exported and sent to Cirris Tech Support for troubleshooting high voltage related failures.

External HV Supply (CH2 only) allows you to set a DWV current leakage threshold of up to 5mA (real) and 22mA (total) current. The extended leakage current settings allow you to test assemblies with higher capacitance.

This feature is automatically enabled when using an xHV Power Supply, but you can still activate this feature manually if you are programming tests on a computer that is not hooked up to an xHV power supply.

“Always do Hipot” Checkbox (CH2 only) will still run a high voltage (hipot) test even if the low voltage test fails. Normally a failure of any sort during the low voltage section of the test will result in the test ending before the high voltage sections of the test can run. This feature guarantees the tester will run a high voltage test even if the low voltage test fails.

LUA Scripting allows you to customize test programs to perform functions that are not possible using the standard test editor window. Scripts can be used for a variety of functions:

  • Collecting custom data.
  • Exporting data into other formats in real time.
  • Testing complex components with a high rate of variability.
  • Parent/child wirelists.

Digital I/O automates your testing process by giving you a way to integrate tools such as foot switches, palm buttons, and status lights to your tester. This makes the testing process more efficient and safe. For example, the test engineer can add a footswitch. This allows the engineer to start tests from a distance and ensures the test engineer is out of range of any potential hazards such as high voltage.

Most features included with Power User mode are for the CH2 tester only. In some situations it may be more beneficial for the customer to purchase features individually. Consult your Cirris representative.

If you can think of features you want to access that are not included in this article, don’t worry. Power Users have access to all features within Easy-Wire.

If you would like to learn about pricing for Easy-Wire Power Users, contact your Cirris Representative.