LUA Scripting

LUA Scripting

LUA Scripting is an optional feature for the 4200, 4250, Easy-Touch Pro, CH2, and 8100 line of Cirris cable testers, though not every scripting feature is available on every tester. Scripting is used to transform our off-the-shelf tester into a custom test solution. For example, scripting is used for testing complex components such as thermistors, thermocouples, toggle switch panels, sensors, and many other active components. Many customers use scripting to integrate off-the-shelf Cirris tester into larger automated manufacturing machines. An installed script trumps the testers default programming opening up a world of test possibilities to the creative programmer.

WARNING: Before upgrading to a new software version, always BACK-UP your existing test files and your existing database file.


With LUA SCRIPTING you can:

  • Create custom test labels using Zebra label printers.
  • Add measured values to printed or electronic reports.
  • Add serial numbers that can be entered, sequenced, or bar-code scanned into reports.
  • Test complex parts in ways way beyond our standard passive components.
  • Make testing a complex part a single button push for the operator.
  • Show dialog boxes to operators and ask for user input as part of the test process.
  • Test multiple parts at the same time with individual results and failures identified.

What you get:

  • A special install code to enable scripting for your Cirris tester.
  • A Cirris Scripting Manual on how to use scripting and the functions available.
  • A disk of ready-to-use scripts.

What you will need to use LUA Scripting:

  • Enabling Code from Cirris, to enable script support on a compatible Cirris Tester: 4200, 4250, Easy-Touch Pro, CH2, or 8100
  • Computer to edit the scripts using any text editor (Note pad, Word, etc. )
  • Time to learn the language and functions of scripting.

Scripting is an option that can be installed before or after the purchase of your Cirris cable tester. Some scripting functions may require a keyboard or bar code scanner to be installed to operate. There may be additional costs to add input support depending on the age of your Cirris tester. Call +(1) 801-973-4600 or email with your tester serial number for more details about your specific needs.

Enable Scripting on Your Tester

  • Scripting is enabled on your tester by purchasing an access code. Contact your Cirris representative for a quote.
  • Scripting development support for your application also available. Contact your sales representative for pricing.

Easy-Wire Scripting Manual

Version 2017.4.0  |  1.80 MB

Cirris 1100 Series (and Touch 1) Scripting Manual 962.77 KB 718 downloads

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Cirris Easy-Touch Example Scripts 3.71 KB 844 downloads

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Label Report Generation Utility 1.82 MB 1585 downloads

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