Each new Cirris tester is calibrated in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO-10012 standards and includes a calibration certificate valid for one year. In addition to the certificate, the calibration verification date can be found on a sticker applied to the back panel of the tester. Cirris recommends the calibration be verified annually at a minimum.

Verify Calibration with Performance Check Kits

Verify your Cirris tester’s compliance with MFG Specifications and NIST standards using our Performance Check Kits. Our documented process allows you to perform these checks at your facility as often as required.

If the tester passes, your verification is complete, and you can keep the procedure worksheet as a record. If the tester fails, send it to Cirris for servicing.

Each Performance Check Kit is reusable on multiple testers for two years before replacement is necessary.

Tester Calibration at Cirris

If a Cirris tester is out of calibration, the tester can be sent back to a Cirris facility for recalibration. This service includes a certificate of calibration valid for one year and an updated sticker applied to the unit.

If you would like us to calibrate your tester, please complete the Return Merchandise Authorization form. Once it’s been submitted, our Technical Support team will email you with an RMA number and information on sending your tester in for Service.

Tester Calibration at Your Facility

Cirris offers convenient onsite calibration services to customers with multiple Cirris testers. Avoid downtime, shipping expenses, and potential damage by having a Cirris Certified Calibration and Repair technician come to your location. Our experts can calibrate, repair, provide training, and perform maintenance tasks during a single visit. Contact us to discuss time frames and options.



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This document outlines the Cirris Calibration Program and the elements within it. ...