Managing Mating Connectors

Managing Mating Connectors

Are you utilizing the Connector Registry to its fullest? This feature, found in Cirris easy-wire Software, helps manage lists of connectors. Every mating connector used during testing can be organized within the registry making it easy to search for their availability and add them to test programs.

The Connector Registry allows you to:

  • Add connectors into easy-wire Software to use in test programs.
  • Enter information for connectors manually.
  • Auto-generate connector information through the Cirris Connector Generator.
  • Create or upload images of each connector.
  • Organize connectors into searchable categories.

The Cirris Connector Registry

Test programs must know which connectors to look for in order to test. You need to register the connectors in easy-wire before any test program can be created. Within the Connector Registry, the connectors are defined, given names, had each pin labeled, and provided graphics. Each connector can then be sorted into categories and used by your facility in tests.

Note: The Connector Registry only works in this manner for the Cirris CH2 and CR cable and harness testers. The Easy-Touch®, 1100H+, and R+ testers use an adapter system. When these testers are connected to a computer running easy-wire, you will notice the software also includes a Connector Registry. In this case the feature is used to easily identify signature adapters rather than connectors.

Manual Registration

Auto-generate a connector by part numberYou can either register the connector manually or auto-generate the connector using the Cirris Connector Generator. To add the connector manually, inside the Connector Registry, click Create Connector. Follow each step to register the connector. For help with this process, see the Cirris easy-wire Software Manual.

Cirris Connector Generator

The Auto-Generator tool adds connectors to the Connector Registry from the Cirris Connector Generator. This tool allows the user to bypass the work of manually creating a connector, including creating an image of the connector.

Note: Before this tool can be used, easy-wire must be upgraded to version 2015.1.0 or later.

The Cirris Connector Generator imports the information for dozens of types of connectors directly into easy-wire where they are easily accessible. For information on how to use this tool, see the easy-wire Software Manual.

Adding an Image

connector drawing If you manually registered your connector you might want to add an image. Images help when troubleshooting tests. You can probe pins on the connector and see corresponding pins on the screen change color. Images also help in identifying connectors and ensuring that you have selected the correct connector for the test.

To add an image you can either take a photo of the connector and upload it to the software, or draw a picture using the drawing tools inside easy-wire Software. See the easy-wire Software Manual for more instruction.

Categories of Connectors

Even though the software comes preprogrammed with common connectors, not all these connectors may be available in your shop. For this and other reasons, the software was built with a categories function. You can organize connectors by type, industry, or whatever subject you like.

With connectors organized in this way, a simple search for the connector’s name can tell you if you’ve used the connector before, if it’s currently in use, if it doesn’t yet exist in the software, and other information.

Having a complete list of available connectors at hand has many advantages. Say a customer gives you plans for a complicated cable. Do you have the mating connectors in order to test? All it takes is a simple search in the Connector Registry to find out which connectors you already have and which you will need to include in the quote.

Connectors not in the software are easily added. The software comes pre-programmed with several connectors, more can be added either manually or through the Cirris Connector Generator.

A Complete List of Connectors

Many of you reading this might already be familiar with the CR or CH2 Connector Registry and Connector Generator. Do you use the feature strictly for building test programs? Or do you utilize it in other ways?