CH2 Advanced Instruction

CH2 Advanced Instruction

In terms of power, the CH2 is the Titan of Cirris testers. This powerhouse is capable of testing assemblies with up to 20,000 points at voltages to 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC (1500 VAC when configured for xHV supply).  ch2-icon

You may be using the CH2 if you test complex electrical assemblies. Chances are you have a lot of non-standard testing requirements to deal with.

How do we help you manage these unique needs?

We’ve developed advanced instructions for the CH2 that allow you a whole lot of testing flexibility, no matter how complicated or cumbersome your test parameters.

Categories of CH2 Advanced Instructions

Advanced instructions for the CH2 fall into 3 categories:

Category 1: Advanced instructions that allow external instruments to function with the CH2


Agilent 34401 and 34410 digital multimeters provide high accuracy voltage, current, and resistance measurements.

If you want to attach instruments to the CH2 so that you can expand the measurement capabilities of the system, we’ve got advanced instructions that will let you do that. The instruments are programmed through the Easy-Wire software user interface and their measurements are included in the test results and reports.

Examples of external instruments include:

  • Digital multimeters
  • Programmable power supplies
  • LCR meters
  • Source meters

Category 2: Advanced instructions that allow more control over the functions of the CH2

Want more control over your CH2? You can purchase a license file based on the cadvanced instructions you require.


Examples of licensed advanced instructions you can purchase include:

  1. Compliance limited 2-wire resistance measurements using a specified current and compliance voltage.
    The current is programmable from 10uA to 1A and the voltage from 10 mV to 10 V. The measurement range is from 100 mOhm to 25 MOhm. This instruction is most beneficial when your test specifications require that you perform resistance measurements using a specified current.
  2. Measure the resistance of a probed point using specified pass/fail test parameters.
    This is helpful if you need to measure points in your device-under-test that are not connected, at one end, to test points.

These are just two examples from an extensive list of advanced instructions available to you. For a complete list contact your Cirris salesperson.


Category 3: Advanced instructions that allow 2-point and bulk isolation measurements

You can utilize advanced instructions in the Easy-Wire software to make 2-point isolation measurements (from one test point to another), or to make “bulk” isolation measurements (measure a number of specified points against a test point). You can program these tests to take place at any moment during the test.

Note: When performing a test below 10 volts, use low voltage isolation instructions. Above 10 volts, use high voltage isolation instructions.

Examples of situations in which 2-point and bulk isolation measurements may be helpful include:

  1. When testing an assembly with switches because it’s often helpful to perform an isolation test each time a switch position is changed.
  2. When it’s beneficial to perform a hipot test during the test rather than just at the end.
  3. When the device-under-test is altered or reconfigured during the test.
  4. When you wish to emmulate the behavior of other tester brands you may be more accustomed to.

For more information on how to unlock the flexibility of the CH2, contact your Cirris sales representative or download the CH2 Advanced Instruction Manual.


Advanced Instructions User Manual

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