The Benefits of Smart-Lights® Devices

The Benefits of Smart-Lights® Devices

What does your fixturing setup look like? Do the wires connecting the device-under-test to your tester look like a tangled ball of yarn? Keeping track of fixturing cables can be more work than testing the actual device. A few years ago, Cirris introduced a new tool to minimize setup time and reuse fixturing while assuring accurate test outcomes. Have you tried Smart-Lights devices yet?

Attach Smart-Lights devices to your fixturing cables and register them with Cirris Easy-Wire Software® for quick and error-proof setup. Each time you attach fixturing cables to a CH2 or CR tester, the software will recognize the Smart-Lights devices and the cables attached to them. The software will automatically skip to the next step in the test without the operator needing to make sure the fixturing is correct. No more mapping test points. No more selecting connectors. Smart-Lights devices take away the hassle of setting up test fixturing.

Smart-Lights’ immense capabilities could prove a great benefit to your test process. Here are six ways Smart-Lights devices could benefit you.

Easy Test Program Creation

When creating a test program without Smart-Lights devices, one of the first steps is selecting the connectors that will attach the DUT to the tester. When using fixturing cables that contain registered Smart-Lights devices, Easy-Wire Software will detect which fixturing cables are being used. This means the connectors are automatically selected for the test and the operator can skip to adding test instructions. Think of the amount of time you will save when you perform a Learn with Smart-Lights devices attached.

Map Test Points Automatically

Unless you have Smart-Lights devices, you must be careful when setting up fixturing. Your fixturing cables are not connected in the same order as they were when the test program was created, the tester will confuse the test points and fail the test. This means you must map the test points every time you want to change test programs. With Smart-Lights devices attached to the fixturing cables, the tester can recognize the connectors on the DUT and testing can begin without manually mapping the test points. No matter which test points are being used, the tester will recognize the Smart-Lights devices and testing can commence.

Reduce Fixturing Setup Errors

Trying to sort out a fixturing error can eat up valuable time. Even when the error is caused by something as simple as duplicate connectors or cables being attached in the wrong order, the time spent figuring out a solution is time lost on testing. Smart-Lights devices take away the hassle of fixturing errors because the tester can identify the cables no matter what order they are attached. If there are errors, such as overlapping test points, the Smart-Lights devices will alert you to them by flashing red and green lights.

Visual Feedback

Red and green lights aren’t just a holiday decoration anymore. Smart-Lights devices have built-in LEDs that turn red when an error is detected and green if the cable is good. This makes it easy to find errors during a test. These lights are also useful when building a cable, not just during a final test. Using the CR tester, create a test mode that allows low voltage testing to take place during the build. Smart-Lights devices will flash for each build instruction, alerting the operator to mistakes and showing the next build instruction.

Transferable Between Tester Types

Have CRs and CH2s? Smart-Lights devices are transferable between these two tester types. One good way to take advantage of this is by using the CR to check for errors while building the cable, then transferring to the CH2 for the final high voltage test. The Smart-Lights devices allow the cable and fixturing to transfer seamlessly between the two testers without needing to resolve duplicates.

Transferable Between Stations

Have different test stations? Smart-Lights devices are transferable between stations and testers. Register the Smart-Lights devices at one station then export them. You can import the Smart-Lights device registration to the different testers and test stations to use for fast test program creation and fixturing setup. If your testers are networked together, you can skip the import/export and use the Smart-Lights devices at any networked station. The Smart-Lights device registration can be shared across the network.

With so many benefits of using Smart-Lights devices, it may be time to try them out. Contact Cirris for a free Smart-Lights device demo and learn how these amazing testing tools can be a benefit to you.

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