Cirris Tester Rental Program

Cirris Tester Rental Program

Cirris testers are used in all sorts of locations from large production facilities producing millions of harnesses to small shops testing only a handful of cables. In some situations, purchasing a tester isn’t always the best option and a rental unit could be a good alternative.

Rental units are used primarily in these situations.

1. Short-term Contracts

Short term contracts have become very common in some manufacturing shops these days. Short-term contracts can be profitable even when they are low-volume and low-revenue.

Since automated testers can cost thousands of dollars, the shop must find the balance between the profit and the cost of a tester. In this case, a short-term rental tester will allow a company to accept a short-term contract and remain profitable.

2. Preservation of Cashflow

When cashflow is a challenge, shops must still test to meet contract requirements. Unless the shop already has a dedicated tester, a short-term rental may be the answer. A rental unit will allow the shop to fulfill the test requirements in the contract while also allowing the shop to maintain operational efficiency and preserve cash.

3. Uncertain Contract Length with Cost Recovery

There may also be times where the contract length or quantities are uncertain. Despite the variables in the contract, they allow for cost recovery on certain expenses. The cost may not be enough to cover buying a new automated tester, but it could pay for a rental unit for the duration of the contract. A monthly rental can help the company meet their testing needs during that uncertain contract period.

4. Waiting on Repairs

Should a shop’s tester need to be sent back to Cirris—such as needing a repair or calibration—the time it takes to perform necessary work could put the shop behind schedule. Rather than risk missing deadlines, a rental unit will help take the pressure off until the shop’s tester is repaired and returned.

When the repair is being done by Cirris, we can provide a loaner unit for the duration of the repair. Loaners will always be associated with the respective RMA number in these situations.

5. Contract Conditions for Cirris Rental Units

The following conditions apply when renting a tester from Cirris. (These conditions do not apply to loaner units when a tester is being repaired by Cirris.)

  1. A credit card is required for payment.
  2. Contract is month-to-month and the card is charged every 30 days.
  3. Monthly cost is 10% of the Listed Unit Cost.
  4. Cirris does not have a Rent-to-own program. Rented testers MUST be returned at end of use.
  5. Accessories/consumables such as adapters and cables must be purchased on a separate work order.

Rental units are available for customers needing a temporary tester. The tester, software, and other tools can be shipped to the customer’s facility and used for a limited amount of time. When finished, the customer can use the same box and packaging to ship the unit back to Cirris.

If you are considering using a rental tester in your facility or you know someone who would like to rent a tester, contact Cirris for further details.