Remember to Back Up Your Test Files

Remember to Back Up Your Test Files

Making provisions for safeguarding your test files against data loss or corruption is best practice. Deciding what to back up is usually very straightforward. Anything you cannot replace easily should be at the top of your list. Before you get started, make a checklist of files to backup. This will help you determine what to backup and also give you a reference list in the event you need to retrieve a backed-up file.

We have outlined here how to backup your wirelists files on different tester models.

Backing Up an Easy-Wire Database

See Backing Up Your Database with Easy-Wire

Legacy Testers


Backing Up a 1000-R+, 1000-H+, 1100-R+ and 1100-H+

ctlwin-bkup-1a Using CTLWIN, a small utility designed for manipulating test files as well as backing them up, you can easily backup all the wirelists in your tester to a safe location. The files listed on the right side of the screen are those found in the tester’s memory and those on the left side of the screen are those stored in the computer’s memory. Simply click on the “Utilities” drop-down menu, select ‘Backup Tester Wirelist,’ and off it goes. See the instructions below for the complete process.

How to – Backup All the Wirelists in a Tester:

  • In the CTLWIN Main Display (right side of screen), select all the files you wish to backup, and click ‘Utilities.’
  • In the “Utilities” drop-down window, click ‘Backup Tester Wirelists.’
  • In the “Analyser Memory Backup window,” select ‘FILE, BACKUP.’
  • In the “Save As” window, type in the name you wish to give this GROUP BACKUP of test files (file will be saved with a .img extension).

Note the backup location (folder path) that the file will be saved to. If you want to change the “Save To” location, click on the folder drop-down button and select a different folder.

NOTE: This program stores all the wirelists together in one file with a .img extension. However, the .img file is a text file and can be opened with Notepad or any other text editor. You can delete files from the .img file if you wish without damaging the ability of the file to restore the remaining wirelist back to the tester later on.

How to – Back up Individual Wirelists:

  • In the CTLWIN Main Display (right side of screen), select the file you wish to save.
  • Using the left arrow (mid-screen), copy the wirelist from the tester to the left side of the screen (to the computer).

Note the backup location that the file is saved to. If you want to change the “Save To” location, select a different folder.

That is all there is to it.

Backing Up Wirelists on the Touch 1

Step by Step instructions to copy files from the Touch 1:


The following step-by-step instructions are designed to help you backup one or more wirelists on your Touch 1. These same instructions are not only used for making backup copies of your wirelists, but would also be used for moving any files (report files, script files, wirelists files etc. etc.) during your daily use of the tester.

  • From the Touch 1 Main Menu, Click ‘System Setup.’
  • In the System Setup window, Click ‘Disk Utilities.’
  • In the Disk Utilities window, Click on ‘Copy Files.’ 
  • In the Select FROM LOC & FILES window, use the arrow keys to move the black bar up and down until you have selected the location where the wirelist files are found, then click ‘Open Location.’ (The default location for the Touch 1 wirelists is the root directory on the hard drive or [C:\].)
  • When you are in the new location, mark the files you wish to copy by using the arrow keys to move the black bar over each file you wish to backup then press the “MARK” button. When you are finished selecting the files press ‘OK.’ (Note: When a file has been marked, there is a small right arrow > to the left of the file name. Also, you can select the “MARK ALL” button and mark all the files in this folder with one click!)
  • Now select the “TO” location (where the files will be copied to. The “COPY TO” window looks just like the “FROM LOC & FILES” window). Move the black bar to the location you wish to copy the files then press ‘OPEN LOCATION’ (select the A: drive for the floppy drive or another drive if your Touch 1 is networked).
  • When you have the proper “FROM” and “TO” locations selected and the files you want to backup are “MARKED,” you simply press ‘Copy.’  All the files that have been selected and marked will be COPIED TO the selected “TO” location.
  • NOTE: You would use this same methodology to move any kind of files in and out of the Touch 1 tester.