Measured I.R. values on CH2

Measured I.R. values on CH2

By utilizing the “measured values” capability of the easy-wire CH2 you can store the actual measured resistance values of low voltage continuity tests and view them as part of your test reports. This capability is also available for the measured Insulation Resistance values derived from a high voltage test. With this capability you can now view the actual value of the insulation resistance as measured on each NET that underwent a high voltage test.

In the “Nets Hipot Status” section of this test report you can see the actual measured I.R. values of each net. *Note that a reading of OFFSCALE means that the measured I.R. exceeded the overall I.R. measurement capability of the tester (appx 1 gigohm). This means that those nets reported as OFFSCALE had a measured insulation resistance of something greater than 1 gigohm.

In the High Voltage Test Parameters section you MUST have “IR Test” selected as an option in order to store measured IR values. You also MUST NOT have High Speed mode selected. Individual IR values are not available in High Speed hipot mode.

To store the measured I.R. values, you must select “High Voltage Testing ON”. Then you must select the “Store High Voltage IR Values” option in the Test Program Editor.

Note: select “Store Measured Test Values” separately.