Networking Easy-Touch® Testers, Easy-Wire® Testers, and Pin-Sight

Networking Easy-Touch Testers, Easy-Wire Testers, and Pin-Sight

Easy-Touch testers, Easy-Wire testers, and Pin-Sight machines all create different file types. These file types cannot be shared between testers; however, these Cirris products can all be networked using “Cirris Server Software.”

Installing one “Cirris Server Software” License

You can connect your Easy-Touch testers, Easy-Wire testers, and Pin-Sight machines to one PC running Cirris Server Software so that all of your files are located in one central database.
Important! If the PC that has the “Cirris Server Software” goes down and has not been backed up, you could lose all of the test data in your central network server database. If you are using this scenario, make sure you regularly back up your database!

So, how do I make this work?

You install the ‘Cirris Server Software’ on your company server or on a PC connected to your server. Then you attach each tester to the ‘Cirris Server Software’ database.

HOW TO: For detailed instructions, see ‘Installing the Software’ and ‘Attaching a Station to the Network Database Server’ in the CR, CH2 Getting Started Guides for all Easy-Wire testers and Pin-Sight. For Easy-Touch testers, see ‘Connecting to a Network’ in the Easy-Touch Administration I.T. Addendum.