How to Protect Your Tester

How to Protect Your Tester

Cirris testers are built with a protection circuit to secure the internal circuits in case voltage or grounding is placed on test points. Voltage or grounding applied to the test points can damage the protection circuit and other internal circuits of the tester.

Do not ground or apply voltage to test points. If you must perform a test that involves connecting a power source to your device under test, speak to you Cirris Rep first. Cirris provides tools such as Earth Ground Point Support (EGPS) for the Cirris CH2 tester. EGPS allows the CH2 to test devices connected to earth ground.

If voltage or ground is applied to the test points and the protection circuit is damaged, contact your Cirris rep to learn about how to have your tester repaired.

To learn how to prevent and resolve this issue, download the following Tech Note.


CH2 Earth Ground Point Support (EGPS)

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