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Cable & Wire Harness Testers


The 8100 is a practical and capable wire harness tester system. Its small, compact units are non-intrusive to your space and can be expanded to accommodate the number of test points for your needs. Fast test setup and software-guided cable assembly make it easy learn and operate.

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CH2 High Voltage Cable Tester


The CH2 performs complete high voltage testing on large harnesses and complex devices. Easy-to-use software simplifies high voltage testing. The tester is the most compact in its class yet can expand to fit your testing requirements.

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Easy-Touch Pro cable tester

Easy-Touch Pro

The Easy-Touch Pro is a self-contained high voltage cable tester designed for easy integration within your manufacturing process. With an integrated Windows® OS and Cirris software, this tester provides a reliable combination of function and flexibility.

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4250 High Voltage Cable Tester


The 4250 is a self-contained high voltage cable tester optimized for testing cables quickly and easily. The intuitive software interface and flexible hardware system make testing cables quick and easy.

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The Cirris 4200 cable tester provides an easy-to-use low voltage testing platform to test for errors. The tester accommodates the Cirris adapter system allow it to be quickly setups to connect to your device under test or interface cabling requirements.

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Customized Wire Interface Solutions

The Cirris Test Applications Group can build ready-to-go interface and testing solutions for your device. We design the setup, acquire the necessary materials including the mating connectors, and build the system to your specifications. This saves your company time and labor and guarantees quality results.

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Easy-to-use Software

Cirris offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of electrical cable and harness testing. Our software empowers technicians to streamline testing processes, swiftly identify faults, and ensure quality standards. From intuitive test creation to real-time data analysis, Cirris software optimizes the testing workflow, saving valuable time and resources. Discover how our software solutions revolutionize the cable testing landscape, enabling you to achieve accuracy and reliability while keeping pace with the demands of your industry.


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Cirris Easy-Wire

Cirris Easy-Wire Software lets you take control of testing. From building test programs and testing cables to reporting results, Easy-Wire makes every step of the process simple. Create test programs, choose a test method, and customize reports through an easy-to-navigate graphic interface.

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Unmatched Customer Service

There is no other company or service provider that exceeds my expectations for quality, service, and response time like the Cirris team does. Just a wonderful experience, regardless of the product, question, or problem.
– Greg O.

Was my first time contacting Cirris Technical Support in this case was with Tony Lucero, the support that I received was 100% good he resolved the problem in our system, also Eric Byers was very helpful because we received the guide from him how to contact this support. In general, thank you so much Cirris we feel very comfortable with your assistance.
– Roy A.

Brent Cogsdil and Chris Bair have been amazing sales reps with very prompt responses.
– Timothy M.

At our new lab, we were in the process of choosing a new wire harness tester and Chris Bair was extremely helpful. He helped explain the different models, their pros, cons and also provided a test demo and explained the test report. He also helped us choose the correct configuration for the tester that should meet our lab requirements. I would definitely recommend consulting him.

– Abin J.

Simple, reliable, and powerful tools well supported by knowledgeable staff.
– Braeden A.

The response and assistance was great when trying to determine what Cirris products were right for my company.
– Kenny F.

The Cirris units we have are great testers and have always exceeded expectations. The employees at Cirris are helpful and responsive and provide excellent service.
– Mark D.

Top notch sales and support group. Takes me back to years ago when customer service was a thing 🙂
– Paul P.

Cirris systems worked hard to get our disaster taken care of quickly. In a manufacturing field there is no time for down time. Our customers need our products to build their Automobiles. Therefore our products keep others employed. Thanks to Cirris all worked out well in the end.
– William K.

Chad was very helpful with providing info about the Cirris 4200. We appreciate his efforts to get this equipment expedited to us quickly.
– Scott H.

David Geddes was very helpful. He helped me understand the Easy-Touch equipment a lot better than I did. We’ve been using the Easy-Touch Pro for over 2 years and it has made our cable assembly electrical test more efficient and reliable.
– Jose G.

Cirris Cable and Harness testers are some of the easiest to run and most reliable testers I’ve worked with in the past 25 years along with excellent customer service and technical support.
– Miguel L.

Great company to work with!
– Brydan R.

You’re great at serving your customers, whether it is with tech or equipment support. Great job!
– Ted G.

Very responsive and helpful team.
– Juman A.

Cirris has always provided great support to go along with their top-of-the-line equipment.
– Guy N.