Upgrading “Older” Easy-Wire® Software

Upgrading “Older” Easy-Wire® Software


Over the course of the past 10 years, the Easy-Wire software team has enhanced, expanded and strengthened the capabilities of this software as they worked on its development. During that development time, “hinge points” came along when our engineers realized that they needed to make major policy shifts on how they were approaching this problem or that problem. Sometimes it became apparent that a radical change of the underlying databases would be required and other times it required a re-thinking of a particular methodology. As a result of these “hinge points,” new releases were developed which would move our customers along the path to better software versions and fewer problems.

If you are a customer who upgraded each time a new version was released, your transitions from version to version may have included a bump or two, but generally went pretty smooth. However, if you are using a version of our software (say version 4.2) and you wish to upgrade to our newest version, the chasm between these versions is so deep that Cirris technical support may need to be involved to help you with your upgraded.

Controlled Upgrade Steps:

In general, the theory is you can update very old Easy-Wire software versions by taking the upgrade in controlled steps.   For Example:
Lets say you are using version 4.0 and you want to upgrade to the latest version. The first step is to upgrade to version 5.2.1. When that upgraded is completed and is working properly, you would then move from 5.2.1 to a 6.X version. From 6.X you can then upgrade to the latest version.

Theory vs. Fact:

Controlled upgrades is the theory, however many versions of Easy-Wire software are not readily available for download. This means not every “step” of the upgrade can always be completed by the customer alone. The fact of the matter is Cirris technical support may need to be involved to help you make the transition successfully. If you are currently using an older version of the Easy-Wire software, call your Cirris sales representative with the version number of the software you are using and ask what you need to do do to make the transition. You may be required to send a copy of your database for tech support to upgrade it for you. In any case, we will be happy to consult with you on how to make your upgrade as painless as possible. Before you know it you will be enjoying all of the considerable changes, modifications and enhancements that have been built into our software over the past 10 years.