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Easy-Wire® Schematic Generator

Easy-Wire® Schematic Generator


  • Schematic generation of cable documentation and errors
  • Save Schematics and Reports to pdf files
  • Graphical display of connectors
  • Customizable reports
  • Guided assembly
  • Automatic SPC data collection
  • Import/export
  • Client/server database

Electronic Reports You can now save reports as pdf files. This feature allows you to make electronic copies of important test documentation. E-mail to your customer or electronically archive for future reference.

View an example of a Wiring Report in PDF format here.


Schematic Documentation for Tested Assembly Generate a schematic print of the tested assembly for customers, subcontractors, repair technicians, or line workers. This Assembly Wiring Report provides a terrific documentation package for assemblies built and tested in your shop including graphics of the connectors and complete test program information. Combine this with the new Electronic Reports for a quick, easy, and impressive electronic package.


From Cable


to Schematic!


View Sample Pages of the Schematic Documentation Below. The Assembly Wiring Report provides your customers with complete documentation of the assemblies being built and tested. The connector graphics and wiring details helps your customer visually understand the details of the cables being constructed.   Click each image below for a larger view.

awreport-1-150   awreport-2-150 awreport-4-150   awreport-3-150


CTL-Win users can take advantage of this new feature as well. Now CTL-Win uses the same connector library, connector graphics, schematic generation and reporting system as the Easy-Wire software.