The Risk of Testing with an Unsupported Tester

The Risk of Testing with an Unsupported Tester

If you had to take a road trip that crossed hundreds of miles through areas with a limited population, what kind of car would you pick?
You’d buy the best car you could afford.

Your car would have all the latest features to help you reach your destination. To ensure safety and longevity, you’d make sure someone who understands your car is available in case your car is damaged or needs a repair. You would make sure your car lasts for the entire trip. You will buy a quality car backed by a quality company.

Do you do the same with your test equipment?

Cirris has been around for over thirty years. Many of our first testers are still in use today. While we are proud to make products that still function after thirty years, we feel like we need to warn customers about the risks of using testers that we can no longer support.

Unsupported Testers

Many times, a certain part of a tester becomes unavailable or newer technology makes a tester obsolete. When this happens, the tester becomes unsupported.

When Cirris says a tester is “Unsupported,” we mean the tester will not receive any upgrades or repairs. You can still call tech support if you have questions. Unsupported testers do not have all the features and capabilities as current testers.

Risks of Unsupported Testers

If you choose to test with an unsupported tester from Cirris, you run into certain risks.

  • Your unsupported tester will not be upgraded to the latest technology. This means that when Cirris releases new features, such as software features, they may not work with your tester. You might miss access to time-saving elements or crucial bug-fixes because your tester cannot run new features.
  • If the tester breaks, you may be left without a working tester for longer than you’d like. If a supported tester needs a repair, arrangements can be made to send a rental unit so you don’t fall behind. If an unsupported tester breaks down, you will have to order a brand-new tester and wait for it to ship.
  • If you run into a problem with testing, you can still call customer support for help, but you run the risk of not finding a solution. Tech Support may not be able to find the answer after the product has been unsupported for years, or the product may be too old to achieve the answer you are looking for.

How to Upgrade to a New Tester

If you have an unsupported tester, we won’t leave you without options. Most unsupported testers have an upgraded model that has more functionality than its predecessor. You can even trade in your old model to receive a discount on the new tester. However, there are certain conditions that must be followed to obtain the trade-in deal. These conditions are outlined on the Tester Upgrade page of For example, a broken tester does not qualify for the Cirris Upgrade program.

The Tester Upgrade program allows you to trade in old testers to receive a discount on newer models. For example, if you are using the Touch1, you can trade it in and upgrade to the Easy Touch Pro. If you still use the CH+, upgrade to the more capable CH2.

Benefits of Supported Testers

Using current testers will ensure you get the best support from Cirris.

  • Current testers are built with the latest technology to provide the best testing experience.
  • Documentation and other resources for these products can be found on so they are available for your use anytime.
  • Our current testers are constantly upgraded with software updates. This gives them more capability than any previous tester.
  • If one of our current products needs a repair, Cirris will have answers and personnel available to help you test cables again before you lose too much time.

If you are using an unsupported tester but you would like to upgrade to one of our current products, check out the Tester Upgrade page of, then talk to your Cirris account manager. Save yourself from the risks of using a tester that Cirris no longer supports.