Tester Upgrade

Tester Upgrade Program

Cirris Testers are designed for future mobility into our next-generation products. The programs and many of the parts will continue to be able to be used on future Cirris Testing Products. This lowers your overall quality costs and eases your product transitions for the life of your business.

To thank you for your continued use of our products we offer a Trade-In discount program. By trading in your older Cirris products towards newer ones we will offer you a discount on your new purchase.

There are three simple steps:

  1. Have a working tester that you would like to replace with a newer model.
  2. Contact your Cirris Representative for a quote and mention you would like to trade in an existing model.
  3. The Cirris Representative will make you a customized quote for your needs and apply a trade-in discount.

Remember, you can always evaluate a new unit before you buy with our free demo program.