Switching from the Touch 1 to the Easy-Touch®

Switching from the Touch 1 to the Easy-Touch®

Cirris’s Touch 1 test system used to be a favorite tester among cable manufacturers. Since this machine is no longer sold by Cirris, many people are wondering what to do when it’s time to upgrade. If a Touch 1 tester reaches a point where it can no longer function or new budget allows a manufacturer to purchase a new tester, Cirris recommends the Easy-Touch.

Obsolete Touch 1

Due to parts no longer being available, Cirris can no longer produce the Touch 1. There are also limits to the repairs we are able make on this unit. The only part of the system that can be repaired or replaced are the High Voltage Scanner Cards. We are unable to repair anything on the display or internal PC. If you have questions about repairs, contact Cirris.

Touch 1 vs Easy-Touch

Although the Easy-Touch is considered to be an upgrade of the Touch 1, they are very different products. When someone decides to upgrade, some of their first questions are about how the Easy-Touch is different from the Touch 1.

Before looking at the differences, here are some things both testers have in common.


  • Benchtop Test Systems
  • Test up to 1024 test points
  • High Voltage Tester
    • 1500 VDC (optional 2000 VDC)
    • 1000 VAC
  • Capable of Kelvin 4-Wire testing
  • Tests components
    • Resistors
    • Diodes
    • Capacitors
    • Twisted Pairs
  • Uses Cirris Signature Adapters

As you can see, both testers are highly capable units with plenty in common. Even many of the adapters you bought for the Touch 1 will work on the Easy-Touch.
Now let’s look at some of the differences.


Touch 1

  Touch 1 Cable Tester


 Easy Toch High Voltage Cable Tester

Screen 3.5 x 4.5” graphical touch screen 10.4” full color touch screen
Size 22” w x 9” h x 6” d 17.5” w x 9” h x 5” d
Software built-in, menu-driven software Easy-Wire® software

By including Easy-Wire® software, Cirris expanded the capabilities of the benchtop tester. Although the software upgrade has many new features, test programs and wirelists don’t migrate as easily from the Touch 1 to Easy-Wire software. As customers transitioned to the Easy-Touch, Cirris began implementing tools to help make the transition easier.

Reasons to Upgrade

There are several reasons to upgrade your system. Hopefully you can make the choice to upgrade on your own terms, but occasionally your tester fails and you are left with no choice but to purchase a new system. The cause of your upgrade could affect the amount of effort you are forced to take when upgrading.

For example, if your Touch 1 fails before you are ready, you could have precious test programs and wirelists trapped in the tester. Even if you choose to purchase an Easy-Touch before you Touch 1 gives out, you are still left with figuring out how to transfer wirelists and test programs between existing Touch 1 units and your new Easy-Touch. What if you make a change to a Touch 1 test program? Will the change appear when you use the test program on the Easy-Touch?
Cirris has provided solutions to help ease the transition between the Touch 1 and Easy-Touch. If you are unsure about upgrading because of the problems listed above, you can feel confident that Cirris is aware of these difficulties and knows how to help you overcome them.

Master File Directory

Networking Made Easy
Cirris Networking Software allows the Easy-Touch
to access Touch 1 files over the network. 

Found in the Utilities section of the Easy-Touch, Master File Directory is used for maintaining test program version control between Touch 1 testers and Easy-Touch testers.

Using the Cirris networking software, Networking-Made-Easy, you can add a “Master File Category” on the Easy-Touch to access the Touch 1 files over the network. Then if a wirelist is changed in the master file location, the newest wirelist version will re-import into the Easy-Touch when that test program is selected. If a Test Program in this category is edited using the Easy-Touch, the new wirelist version will overwrite the existing wirelist in the master file location when it is saved.

For more information on the Master File Directory, see the Easy-Wire Software Manual for the Easy-Touch, 1100H+, & 1100R+ Testers.

Import All

You may export your test programs as text files in order to share test programs, create templates, or save backup copies. You may then import all or parts of your test programs as text files. These text files can be created by exporting existing tests with a text editor or exporting from a spreadsheet. This allows tests to be moved from one station to another when a networked database is not being used.

Rather than import each test program one at a time, an Import All button allows you to move multiple test programs at once. To use the Import All feature, see the Easy-Wire Software Manual for the Easy-Touch, 1100H+, & 1100R+ Testers.

Operator Note

If the title of a test program changes during the transition from the Touch 1 to Easy-Touch, one way to fix it is by adding an Operator Note to the test program. Operator Notes are viewed during test setup and remain active until the operator selects a new tab or starts the test.

You may be wondering if one Operator Note per test program is realistic to create if you have hundreds or thousands of test programs. Cirris has created programs that can add notes instantly to hundreds of test programs. Call Cirris to learn more.

Networking Made Easy and Cirris Server

These software programs offered by Cirris are used to network testers together. This allows you to share wirelists and test programs between Touch 1 and Easy-Touch testers using some of the methods mentioned above. For more information, see the software menu on cirris.com.

Simple Upgrade

We understand that the Touch 1 was a fantastic tester and that some cable manufacturers may not be ready to switch to a new machine. Those that have upgraded to the Easy-Touch are satisfied with its testing capabilities. Cirris has tried to make the upgrade process as simple as possible, but if you run into a problem not mentioned in this article, call Cirris Tech support to help resolve the issue.

When you decide to upgrade, Cirris has a tester trade-in program. If you trade in your Touch 1 to Cirris, it can help supplement the price of an Easy-Touch. For more information, see the Tester Upgrade page on cirris.com and talk to a Cirris representative.