Using your CR fixturing on a CH2 system

Things to ConsiderCRCH2Discussion
Style of connectors

(AHED-64) 64-conductor IDC ribbon cable

Euro-DIN 96 pin connector populated with 32 pins. cr-ch2connectors

The CR utilizes a 64 pin AHED connection while the CH2 uses a 96 pin Euro-DIN with 32 pins populated.

Number of points 64 32  
Voltage considerations     Ribbon cable connections are generally good for up to 1000VDC and 700 VAC, while Discrete type connections are good for up to 1500 VDC and 1000VAC.
CH2-CR Converter    

ch2 cr2
The CH2-CR Converter (Part #ACH2-CR) was developed for customers to plug their existing CR 64 pin connectors onto the CH2 system. The CH2-CR Converter card mounts onto the front of the CH2 tester, converting two 32 pin Euro-DIN style connectors to a single 64 pin header like that on a CR. Typical cost is $1.18 per test point, connector only.ch2crback

Adapter Panel     crdptrpnlA Turn-Key Solution for more complex systems is our adapter panel for the CH2. Both internal and external connectors and wiring are replaceable, inside and out. Typical cost is $5.00 per test point (800 points, $4000.00)
Discrete     ad20-64-750