Get a Taste of Your Tester’s “Secret Menu” with Custom Scripting

Get a Taste of Your Tester’s “Secret Menu” with Custom Scripting

Cirris testers are complex and highly capable pieces of hardware. While our products are, in essence, cable testers that are programmed to provide commonly required cable-testing functions, it is entirely possible to program our equipment to be far more dynamic and perform many other tasks.

How can you make your Cirris product so much more than a standard tester? Enter custom scripting.

What are Custom Scripts?

Cirris uses LUA scripting language for custom scripts. LUA is popular with machine integrators, gamers and Cirris testers. Cirris has written a number of functions in each tester’s program that LUA scripts can “hook” to, giving the Cirris tester the language it needs to communicate with other machines in automated applications, or to mingle “special” test functions with standard cable test programming.

Examples of Custom Scripts

Our customers use custom scripts to enable Cirris products to fulfill a variety of requirements. For example, in the case our catheter tester, custom scripts transformed a Cirris cable tester into a catheter tester exclusively.

Below are a few other examples of tasks our testers perform using custom scripts:

  • Exporting reports in various formats such as XML and HTML.
  • Adding special barcodes to reports.
  • Controlling and utilizing digital I/O at specific times during a test.
  • Delaying resistance measurements for inductors.
  • Reporting the variance between high and low resistance readings.
  • Creating print-to-file templates for customized labels.

How to Get Started with Scripting

Cirris Custom Scripting is fully documented. Take a look at our Cirris Scripting Manual. Anyone familiar with computer programming will find writing scripts to be a rewarding experience.

When programming skills are scarce or expensive, the Customs Group can take on the task for you. The Customs Group also maintains a library of functions, all tried and true, that can usually be applied to, or easily adapted to, your specific requirements.

We know what is possible to expect from the Cirris Tester operating under the control of scripting, so give your sales representative a call and let’s get started.