One technology-driven source for electrical testing throughout the entire assembly process.

Whether the application involves spacecraft, aircraft, satellites, or weapons systems, the requirements for wired assemblies are demanding with advances in technology continuously driving increased complexity.

Partner with testing experts that keep pace with these challenges by providing innovative methods to ensure the high quality standards of these mission-critical assemblies while maintaining productivity across the entire manufacturing process – from the aerospace harness shop, to sectional assembly, and final assembly.

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From the Harness Shop …

Efficient Data Import

Go from design data to test setup by converting harness wire list data to test instructions or import test programs directly from qualified partner design software.

Simple Setup

Choose traditional or smart interfacing. Smart adapters simplify programming by automatically mapping test points and speed test changeover with random hookup. Use the same adapters in multiple projects.

Error-proof Assembly

Save time and money by moving testing upstream in the assembly process. Cost-effective, fast and accurate, Cirris testers monitor terminations in real time to ensure correct first-end pinning and final assembly by detecting errors as they occur.

Complete Test

At any step of the process, perform automated continuity, shorts, dielectric withstand (DW), and insulation resistance (IR) testing. Perform highly accurate 4-wire Kelvin resistance and other advanced measurements. Detect twisted pairs and identify error location.

… to Final Assembly.

Full Functional Testing

As wiring harnesses are integrated in higher assemblies with active components such as relays, actuators, lights, and sensors, quality is assured using functional testing. Multi-bus architecture allows all tester points to perform measurements or provide stimulus voltage.

Complete Distributed Testing

A distributed test matrix eliminates long, cumbersome adapter cables and allows the functional stimulus voltage to be routed throughout the entire test system. The distributed matrix can be a dedicated system or a flexible, mobile system that supports quick setup.

Operator Guidance

A remote test display and smart probe allow operators to control testing or troubleshoot errors while working in any section of large assemblies. Operators are guided with prompts and pictures.

Complete Test Solution

We offer the full test solution, supplying aerospace-grade adapter cables, LRU test modules, programming support, and training.

Automated Wire Harness Testing for the Aerospace Industry

Cirris test solutions support many aerospace manufacturers worldwide. How can Cirris help you?

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Solutions For Your Specific Needs

A leading commercial aircraft company needed to monitor and test wire harnesses as they were installed in a fuselage. Conventional distributed switching cabinets and their associated daisy-chain cables impinged on valuable assembly space. In response to the need, a miniaturized, distributed test solution was developed that eliminated the need for daisy-chain cables and significantly reduced the footprint of the test system. The efficiency of the solution provided a ten percent cost savings and provided similar savings in the area required for assembly. This same technology is available for new applications.

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