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What does a cable tester cost?

What does a cable tester cost?

Thank you for your interest in our cable testing products. Whether you are buying your company’s first automated cable tester or replacing outdated equipment, we want to help you understand all the information you need to make the right choice.

We strive to provide clear information about our cable testers so that you can focus on making decisions that benefit your company. There is a good deal of information to sort through and we want to give you the chance to learn which product may be right for you. Our job is to make sure you are getting the right cable tester, adapter, or other testing accessory for your needs and budget.

When you contact Cirris for a quote, our representatives will help ensure you are making the right choice in your product selections to fit your needs. We have gone as far as recommending a competitor’s product if we feel it will fit better with your circumstances. We also offer demo cable testers that let you try out a product before committing to a purchase. When we do quote a price, there is no pressure to buy. You may continue shopping for the cable tester with a function and cost that works best for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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