Re-image the Easy-Touch®

Re-image the Easy-Touch®

If you continue to have trouble starting up an Easy-Touch after following our troubleshooting procedure (pressing F8 on startup), you may have the option to re-image the tester. This process restores the tester to a factory-delivered state without your test data (which will be unrecoverable at this point).

This process is only applicable to testers imaged after 5/8/2012. Testers that were built after this date include a recovery partition that makes it possible for re-imaging. Unless your older tester has come into Cirris for repair or had changes made to the hard drive, only testers built after 5/8/2012 can follow the re-imaging procedure.

The re-imaging process takes about an hour.

Required: keyboard
Recommended: mouse

To setup the re-imaging process:

1. Power on or reboot the Easy-Touch.

IMG 20140721 143221

2. Repeatedly press F1 to interrupt the normal boot process. It is important to press F1 immediately after the Cirris BIOS screen comes up, though you may start pressing it during the BIOS screen.

If the back of your tester matches the picture on the right, pressing F1 too early will cause the BIOS screen to appear. Close the screen and continue pressing F1. Or wait to press F1 until the BIOS splash screen disappears and press F1 immediately after.

3. Once you see a message saying Windows is loading files…, stop pressing F1. If you never see this message, you should turn off the tester and try again. If you continue to not get the message, you may not have a recovery partition (older revisions) or you might have corruption that won’t allow you to proceed.

If it works, you will be brought to System Recovery Options. From here:

4. Select your keyboard and press Next.

5. If prompted, choose the user Cirris or any other administrator user. The default password for the Cirris login is signature1.

6. Choose the option Command Prompt.

7. With the command prompt loaded, type ReImage and press enter.

8. Follow the on-screen prompts to reimage the tester.

Note: On the first boot after reimaging, the tester may perform some automated tasks. For this reason, it is suggested that you wait a few minutes before using the tester.