Networking Multiple Easy Touch Testers

Easy Touch testers have the capabilities of a Signature tester, but have software that is similar to easy-wire. Easy Touch testers store test programs in their own individual databases. You can put your Easy Touch testers on a network and share Easy Touch files using the export/import function in easy-wire; however, this method can be tedious and inefficient.
Installing the 'Cirris Server Software' creates one central network server database for each Easy Touch tester on your production floor.

One central database allows you to:

  • Edit and manage test programs from one location.
  • Manage security and login information for all users in one location.
  • Back-up, repair, and reduce the size of the database.
  • View all test reports and test data from any test station in your network.

Where do I install the 'Cirris Server Software'?

You have two options for installing 'Cirris Server Software.'

  1. Run the software directly on your company server.
  2. Run the software on a Windows based PC which is connected to your network.

So What Do I Do Next?

After you install 'Cirris Server Software', you attach each Easy Touch tester to the network server database.

Less efficient: Peer to Peer network with separate databases:


Recommended: 'Cirris Server Software' network with one central database:


HOW TO:    For detailed instructions on how to install the "Cirris Server Software" and attach Easy Touch testers to the "Cirris Server Software" database, see the Easy Touch I.T. Administration Addendum.