Cirris Server Software

Cirris Server Software

Cirris Server software enables you to share one database with many different test stations. If you are currently running Easy-Wire® and want to share and manage the programs with other test stations, this is the software for you. With Cirris Server Software you can:

  • Edit and manage test programs from one central location for all test stations.
  • Manage security and login information for all users at various test stations.
  • Use the server database tools to back-up, repair, and reduce the size of the database.
  • View all test reports and testing data from any test station in your network.
  • Analyze production and testing throughput in real-time from any selected test station.

How it Works:

  • Install Cirris Server on a Windows based computer that will be used as your test server. Install the same version of Easy-Wire® on all your client stations.No tester hardware required.
  • Use the included network utility to link the Client to the server.
  • Before upgrading to a new software version, always back-up your existing test files and your existing database file.
  • Download and use the Cirris Server Software Install Guide to assist in the installation.

What you will need to use Cirris Server:

  • A computer with  2.0 GHz min. processor speed, 15 GB hard drive space, 4 GB RAM, 256 MB min. video memory, 1024 x 768 min display resolution, Windows 10®,Windows Server 2012®, Windows Server 2016®, Windows Server 2019® OS .
  • Easy-Wire Stations with the same Easy-Wire version as the Cirris Server. See the Easy-Wire Software for station requirements.
  • A Windows network connected from the Clients (test stations) to the server computer.
  • A Compatible Cirris tester: CR, CH2, CH2 xHV, CH2 XHVC, Easy-Touch or Easy-Touch Pro; 4200, 4250, 1100R+ or 1100H+ with Easy-Wire Control Software

Cirris Server is optional software in addition to the Easy-Wire. There is a fee associated with upgrading your software. For more details on cost and delivery, please Call 1-801-973-4600 or email for price and delivery. Most software .EXE files are zipped with password protection.

Download Cirris Server

  • All Cirris Server downloads are zipped.
  • To purchase an upgrade or receive a zip unlock passcode, you will need to contact your Cirris Sales Representative.  To find your sales representative, see our Contact Page

Cirris Server Install

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Cirris Server Installation Guide

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