The error message '<Setting> Value is not supported by the attached tester hardware' may appear when you try to run a test that was created on a different tester with different capabilities. The error message is indicating that the <Setting> for this wire list is not supported on the tester you are trying to run on. For instance if you try to run a wire list which specifies a 2000 VDC test on a tester that only supports 1500 VDC you will get this error. This can happen when you import a test created on one piece of hardware and then try to run it on a different piece of hardware with lower capabilities. 

In rare cases this error message may appear due to a hardware problem on the tester. For instance, if the internal connection to the High Voltage circuitry were disconnected and you tried to run a wire list with a high voltage test, this error message would result because it appears to the tester that high voltage is not supported. If you get this error message on a test that has been working previously on this tester, a hardware change / error may be the problem. 

To solve this problem either run the test only on the tester with the correct capabilities, or edit the <setting> to a value that is supported on the tester you are trying to use.If you suspect a hardware problem contact Cirris Technical Support for further assistance.