Important notice.

January 1, 2019

The serviceable life of the Cirris 1000RX is anticipated to end in 2024. Factory Calibrations and Performance Check Kits may still be available for functioning 1000RX systems until 2026.

For a comparable 1000RX replacement unit we recommend the Cirris 4200 or the Cirris 1100R+ depending on your particular needs. Please contact your Cirris account representative for more information.

Touch 1

Fast and Easy Testing

  • 128 test points expandable to 256 points with an add-on box 
  • Detects opens, shorts, and miswires with resistance levels as low as 0.1 ohms.
  • Designed for high-volume production
  • Communicates in plain English on its 2-line by 16-character LCD screen.
  • Test results provided both audibly and visually.
  • Wire identification by touch and step-by-step assembly instructions make the 1000RX an ideal tool for guided harness assembly.
  • Optional PC Link software allows interfacing to a computer for the purpose of downloading/creating/editing wire lists, logging test data, etc.
  • The 1000RX comes standard with a probe for wire identification.
  • A wrist strap is optional to utilize body conductance in the guided assembly mode.

Easy setup for each test

  • Cirris Systems offers the widest variety of standard interface adapters in the industry.
  • Available on cards that simply snap in and out of 1000RX.
  • Self-programs from a sample assembly or wire lists stored in memory.
  • Automatically learns and tests assemblies with multiple resistance values and/or diodes.
  • Tests at 5.5 volts DC.
  • Resistance thresholds from 0.1 ohms to 5M ohms.
  • In "AUTO", the 1000RX scans the assembly and automatically sets the threshold.
  • In "CALC", the 1000RX learns an assembly and displays or prints the point-to-point wire list, including resistance values.

Designed to meet needs

  • Cirris Systems pioneered the use of signature analysis in cable testing
    • A six-digit “signature” is mathematically derived from an assembly’s wire list.
    • Each cable/harness will have its own unique Signature based on its own wire list.
    • The Signature of a programmed cable is compared with the original Signature to ensure correct programming.
    • A similar signature is used to verify that all test parameters are set properly.
  • Allows you to perform quality assurance at the point of production and eliminate “scrap and rework.”
  • Use for incoming inspections to keep defective assemblies out of your operation.
  • Printouts of the wiring list, connector identification, and parameter settings programmed into the 1000RX memory are easily created. This information becomes your hard copy documentation of each unique assembly. You may test all future assemblies using this documentation.
  • Printouts identify the number of good cables tested/provide proof of testing.