Hub Software Version History Notes

Hub Software Version History Notes

Version 2021.3.8001 New Features & Fixes

Hub Release Notes


New Features

Ability to view the status of any Cirris tester running Easy-Wire® through the Hub alongside the 4200 Series testing stations.

Introduction of Test Editor (Preview).  Open and make basic test program edits through a drop-down menu. 

Ability to revert to a previous test program.  Any file saved using the Hub will generate a history state, up to 10 previous versions, and can revert as needed.

Hints are now provided if a File or Folder name is invalid.  Reason for invalid name is also provided.


Ability include LotID, Serial Number, and Operator when printing to PDF of text-files.  

WiFi communication.

Resolved Issue

More than 182 printers on a network would cause the Hub to restart. 

Very quick tester status changes would cause a database corruption.

This version of Cirris Server coincides with and supports all the features of the Easy-Wire Station 2021.3 station release.

Version 2020.2.1.1 New Features & Fixes

Hub Release Notes




Server status now displays hint of, “Check Server IP Address” when the IP is set to an address that isn’t available to the computer.


 The current logging level is now displayed in the Status page.

Read Only Files

 Read-only for files now automatic derived from system and Hub level information.

Read only files translates to the Hub.  User can view read only files, but cannot edit.

Non-Readable File

 Non-readable file-types show that the contents cannot be read.


 Network statistics are available for active station connections.

Network stability improvements

Resolved Issues


Server status now updating correctly.


 A directory cannot be deleted from any station when protected or not empty.

Bundles Messages

 Station no will not disconnect when bundled messages are received.

Configuration Application

 Multiple setting cannot be changes simultaneously in configuration application.

Device Updates

 Station configuration window updating Improved.


 Server now updates currently when change to IP/Port are made and when computer returns from sleep/hibernate.

Version 2020.1 New Features & Fixes

Resolved Issues

Improvement with Wi-Fi communication. The issue with Hub intermittently dropping of the network has been fixed.

Printers that are no longer installed on the computer running the Hub server software can now be removed.

New Features

Ability to print to text. This is in addition to the already available capability to print to PDF.

Ability to configure the report directory.  You can choose where the test reports are saved and stored.

Additional fields included for improved tester management:

  • Model – Ability to record and identify the type of tester that is running.
  • Cal Due – Track and monitor the tester calibration due date. This is automatically updated with the 4200 Series.
  • Firmware – Shows the firmware revision.
  • Hardware – Shows the hardware revision.
  • Edit – Opens the Configuration tool and gives the ability to updated tester names and assign network printers.

Version 2019.4.1 New Features & Fixes

WARNING: Back up all files in the database directory before installing a new version. The default location for these files is C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Cirris\Database.

Hub Software 2019.4 Release Notes

Interface Changes
The interface has been improved to be more consistent to a new Cirris Software format.

Server Status button and information added
You can now click the Server Status button to view information about the Hub.

Calibration Verified Due Date
The due date for the next calibration verification is reported.

Data Collection Files Visible
The 4200 and 4250 testers with 2019.4 firmware can now record test data in the form of a c_d file. These files can be saved a shared network location and seen in the Hub interface.

More improvements to Network File Handling
Network file handling has been improved beyond the previous version. This should result in fewer networks drops when using WiFi.

Cirris Hub Configuration
The name, “Cirris Management Studio” was changed to “Cirris Hub Configuration”. This utility is installed with you install the Cirris Hub Software and allows advanced configuration to the Hub.