Easy-Wire® Revision Control

Easy-Wire® Revision Control

Easy-Wire version 2020.1.0.7085 introduces new test program revision control features, which are outlined below.
Save Test Program REv Screenshot

Beginning with this release, every time a test program is saved, whether it’s a new program or an edited program, the user is given the opportunity to specify a new revision level and enter a comment about the change.

The Test Program List on the Easy-Wire Main Menu includes two new columns – one shows the latest revision level (if one was entered) and the second shows the date of last change made to each program.

2020.1.0 Main Menu with Rev Level

The revision level and its associated comment are included by default in a new section of the Test Program Report titled Revision Information. The Revision Information section can also be added to the Run Report, but it isn’t included by default. Either report can be edited to add or remove the entire section or its individual fields when accessing the report from the Test Program Editor. To edit the Run Report select Configure Reports from the Set Test Defaults tab in the editor. To access or edit the Test Program Report select the Reports icon at the bottom of the Test Program Editor window. Presently, the revision information is not available to include in the Test Report, In-Process Report or in the Test Label.


This Easy-Wire release also introduces a new test program comparison capability. Before using the feature, the user will need to install an external file comparison application. Several good, free choices are available, including WinMerge which can be downloaded here.
Once the application has been installed, to view the differences between two versions of a test program, from the Main Menu > Utilities > Test Archive Report. The Report View Options window now includes the test program’s Revision and its associated Comment in new columns. Use standard Windows commands (e.g. Ctrl+click) to select the two revisions of a program, then right-click on the selections.

Test Archieve Report Screen Shot

Two options will be shown on the pop-up menu – Compare and Setup Compare. The setup must be completed as the first step, so if hasn’t been done previously, the software will default to this option regardless of the selection. In the CompareToolSetup window, use the three dots button (…) to navigate to, and select, the application of choice, then click OK.

WinMerge Compare Tool Setup Screenshot

Back in the Report View Options window, right click again on the selected test program revisions and select Compare from the pop-up menu. The external application will open showing a comparison of the test program reports for the two selected test program revisions. The comparison shown below used the WinMerge application.
When finished, close the external application before continuing in Easy-Wire.

Compare Tool Comaprison