Could a Custom Product Meet Your Needs?

Could a Custom Product Meet Your Needs?

Sometimes a project requires more than standard products. When your assembly is more complex or unique than usual, you can talk to the Cirris Customs Team for specially designed tools and equipment. From customized reports to rack-mounted systems, the Customs Team has something to improve your build and test processes.


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Do you have a unique connector?

Many customers with distinct connectors struggle to find fixturing to attach the device-under-test to the tester. The Customs Team can help by designing and building the necessary fixturing.

The Customs Team can provide quality fixturing depending on your needs:

  • Field replaceable
  • Fitted with spring probes or fixed contacts
  • High voltage robust
  • Built with high quality materials

If you provide the mating connector, the Customs Team will design fixturing.

Do you have a large or complex project?

If your project is too large or complex for standard products, you may need a custom system to make building and testing more manageable.

The Customs Team can help you:

  • Organize your equipment with portable rack-mounted systems:
    • Distribute hipot test equipment and capability
    • Separate low voltage and guided assembly equipment
  • Simplify your process with adapter panels:
    • Retain the value of your existing interface cable systems
    • Choose your preferred tester connector
  • Improve safety with Interface cables:
    • Double Teflon insulated wire
    • Long life and durability
    • Attached Smart-Lights for error-free tester configuration and reconfiguration

Do you need customized reports?

On occasion you may need to provide different pieces of information on reports. The Customs Team can design software that will give you the ability to add, remove, and rearrange information in your reports.

Do you need customized behavior in your tester software?

The Customs Team can design software or scripts that allow you to maximize the flexibility, speed, and other features of your tester.

Control your process with scripting:

  • Customized test process
  • Programmable Digital I/O
  • Customized test sequences, custom components objects

Do you need custom harness boards?

The Customs Team can design and build a harness board to your specifications. A custom harness board can include tools for guided assembly. Lights and sounds will guide operators through the build process. All you need to provide is a sample assembly with the mating connectors.

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