Choosing Which Standard Cirris Connector to use on Your Cable Tester

Choosing Which Standard Cirris Connector to use on Your Cable Tester

Note: this article addresses options for sharing interfacing between Cirris’ Signature series, Easy-Wire® CR and CH2 harness testers. For information on interfacing options on our Signature line of stand-alone testers, click here.

Several benefits may be had by standardizing to one connector for your cable testing interfaces. These benefits include:

  • Using the same fixturing on a CR for low voltage guided build followed by high voltage tests with a CH2 test system.
  • Reducing the variety of adapting cables needed for your cables and/or harnesses.
  • Reducing overall cost by standardizing to one type of connector.
  • Sharing the same fixturing across all Cirris tester platforms.

You may already have adapting cables and fixturing and want to adapt your cable tester to a connector that is not standard for connections to the device under test (DUT).  Cirris provides full flexibility and conversion with the following:

Desired Standard Connector Style Available Signature Adapter options for Touch 1, 1100 Series and Easy-Touch® Testers. CH2 VME (Eurodin) Style Options Available CR (AHED-64) Options

32-pin VME (Eurodin) style connector on the CH2


CH2 Connectors

A1KM-64 Adapter

H1KM-64 Adapter

a1 km adapter

Standard as shipped The option for the 32-pin VME (Eurodin) style connector on the CR tester is the CH2-CR Converter.


CR-CH2 Adapter Part #ACR-CH2

64-pin header of the CR

cr front

Front View of the CR tester

AHED-64 Adapter

ahed 64

The option for the 64-Pin Header on the CH2 is the CR-CH2 converter.

ch2 cr2

CR-CH2 Converter Part #ACH2-CR

Standard as Shipped

Another standard connector


Misc. connector types


Adapter box

CH2 Custom Connector Interfaces


An example of a custom connector interface to the CH2 is the Cirris adapter panel that is designed to mate to any connector you may presently use.

CR Custom Connector Interface


CR with custom connector interface

If you are still making the choice or already have a choice in place and need to manage some limitations, see the following:

32-pin VME (Eurodin) CH2 Connectors 64-pin Header Custom Connector

Cost of interfacing

A1KM-64 Adapters are an inexpensive option for connecting CH2 (Eurodin) Style Connections to an 1100 series, EasyTouch, and Touch 1 Units.

a1 km adapter 1

A1KM-64 Adapter

Ribbon Cable comes in at perhaps the lower cost and is a good option for CR Interfacing.


A non-standard connector already in use might even be less expensive.

Mating Life Cycles

A connector saver can be used with the connector and is inexpensively replaced when connectors need repair.

adcs-c2-700 1

CH2 Connector Saver Part Number ADCS-C2.

The male pins of the 64-pin header have a very long life on a tester like the CR. While the female pins on the ribbon cables are easy and cost-effective to replace when repair is necessary. Custom Connectors such as DL connectors can have a potential for very long life.

Adapters desired for each DUT connector. Small number of contacts in DUT connector.

Can only have half the number of contacts compared to a 64-pin header. Possibility of fewer contacts per connector.


These style connectors have an excellent overall performance. #28 AWG wire in IDC connectors will add to fixturing resistance. PVC insulation is substandard for high IR performance at voltages above 1000VDC.

Use discrete 64-pin header when HV or Insulation Resistance requirements are demanding.


Discrete 64-pin header

Custom connectors will need further evaluation on performance when choosing the style of connector.

Speed of connect/disconnect

The screw attachment of a VME (Eurodin) style connectors will take more time to change over. Use connector savers that have ejector handles on the CH2 when needed.


CH2 Connector Saver Part Number ADCS-C2

Ejector ears of 64-pin headers allow for quick change overs.

ahed 64 1

AHED 64 Signature Adapter

Custom connectors will need further evaluation on speed of disconnect and connecting when choosing the style of connector.