CH2 – Energization of Relays

CH2 – Energization of Relays

External power energization is now available for the easywire CH2 Tester. The CH2 Energization Unit (E Box) is a separate test box (see top box to left) with 160 to 800 energization points. These points are not used as test points but to energize lamps, LEDs, relays or other devices needing external power. The E-Box unit is connected to a CH2 test system using the same cable as a standard expansion box.

With special Actuate and Energize commands now added to our easywire software version 9.0 you are able to design your test to accommodate a wide variety of external power needs.

  • Energization Points: 160 – 800 Points (in 160 pt. increments)
  • Max Current: 1 AMP
  • Power Supply Voltages: 5, 12, 15, 24 & 48 Volts.
  • Programmable Power Supply: Agilent E3645A 0-60 Volts.
  • Interfacing to E-Unit: Standard AC61-KF cabling

Each CH2 E-Box Unit has a power supply port on the back of the box where you plug in your selected power supply. Cirris offers 5 different static voltage level power supplies to fit your specific needs; IE: 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48 volts respectively. You simply select the power supply to match the voltage of the relay coils, or other devices you wish to power. Only one power supply is plugged into the unit at a time.

Cirris has developed a software/hardware interface that will allow the use of a Optional Programmable Power Supply. This optional feature would allow the user to program his test files with voltages from 0-60 volts. The voltages could be adjusted to multiple values within one test program. The programmable supply that we developed this feature on is the Agilent E3645A.