4200 Firmware Updater Version History Notes

4200 Firmware Updater Version History Notes

42XX Utilities 2020.4.0.7095 Release Notes

42XX Utilities 2020.4.0.7095


Additional adapters added

25 High Voltage adapters were added to the 42XX adapters list.

HHED-24 / HHED-SD / HHED-40 / HHED-20 / HHED-34 / HSIL-SS / HHED-44 / HMDS-15 / HMSG-15 / HHED-16 / HHED-SS / HDPG-15 / HHED-14 / HHDS-SD / HBRM-50 / HMDP-62 / HMDS-62 / HMSG-62 / HHED-30 / HMDS-26 / HMSG-26 / HHED-50 / HMDP-26 / HMPG-26 / HMPG-15

Resolved Issues

Hipot delay resolved

HiPot call was running through non-optimized memory. This caused some tests with long dwell times, to take longer than expected. This issue has been resolved.

Version 2019.4.1.7080 New Features & Fixes

42XX Utilities 2020.2.0.7090

Resolved Issues

Resistor Learn

When leaning a cable that has resistors, the tester intermittently fails but returns no errors. This has been resolved

Invalid Parameters

Invalid settings allowed when editing test external to 42xx interface. 42XX will now report invalid parameters when test programs are imported.

Adapter Count

Some adaptors count incorrectly. This issue has been fixed

Lua GetProbedPin

Lua GetProbePin fixed.


Barcode Scanning

UI update to allow barcode scanning to load test programs from main screen.

Security Utility

Streamline of menu lock options. Main menu can now be locked through security utility.

High Voltage Default Setting

Hipot default setting changed. Hipot automatic start must be picked by user.

End of Test Setting

Option to set the tester to behave like the 1100 at end of test.

DUT Error Location

Error location is now disabled by default as this option will sometimes increase test time.

Version 2019.4.1.7080 New Features & Fixes

42XX Utilities 2019.4 Release Notes

This installation will install the 42XX Firmware Updater and the 42XX Security Utility. These utilities are meant to be installed on a computer that can be connected via a USB cable to a 4200 or 4250 tester.

42XX Firmware Updater

You can use this 42XX Firmware updater to upgrade or restore the 4200 and 4250 testers’ firmware version to the 2019.4 version. Refer to the 4200 or 4250 product pages at cirris.com to access the 42XX firmware updater with the latest firmware version. Running the firmware downloader should not change the tester’s test programs, tester settings, or printing templates.

Several changes have been made to the Firmware Updater’s on-screen prompts which aid the user in using the utility. Help information has also been added.

42XX Security Utility

This is the initial release of the 42XX Security Utility. This utility allows you to restrict access of certain tester menus unless a password is entered on tester, thereby ensuring that operators do not make unauthorized changes on the tester.


New features in the 2019.4 Firmware

Collect Test Data

Test data – such as measured values, errors messages, and number of passes and fails – can now be gathered from your tests. If using a standalone tester, data collection is for-pay option that must be enabled. The Cirris SPC Link software can then be used to export the data to spreadsheet. If you have purchased Easy-Wire to control the 4200/4250 tester, data collection is included. The data can be accessed in the Easy-Wire Test Achieve.

Check the calibration and performance of the tester

The tester is equipped with an internal calibration verification routine that can be used with a Cirris performance check kit. The calibration verified and due date is be saved to the tester and reported to the Cirris Hub.

Restrict menu access with security

You can keep operators from making unauthorized changes to test programs and the tester’s settings using the Cirris 42XX Security Utility. This utility restricts the use of the tester menus unless a password is entered.

Enter the operator’s name

If desired, an operator can enter their name in the tester interface. The operator name can be printed out in test reports. If using data collection, the name will be recorded in saved test data.

Automatically start a test

Using the tester’s Auto Start selection, you can have the tester automatically start a test either when power is applied to the tester or when the tester is turned on.

Test the presence of wires from a single end (4250 only)

Using the tester’s Single Ended selection, you can plug one end of a cable into the tester, and have the tester discern (using capacitance) which connector pins have wires connected to them.

Good sound at the end of a test

The tester will make an audible beep whenever a cable passes a test.

German language added

You can now select German for the tester interface. Other languages – French, Spanish, and Chinese – have been updated.

Resolved Issue in the 2019.4 Firmware

Activated options now displayed

Under System Settings, Options, you can now see the activated options – PC Control, AC Hipot, Scripting, and Data Collection – that have been purchased for the tester.

Version 2019.2.0.1010 New Features & Fixes

Version 2019.2.0.1010 New Features & Fixes


Scripting, a paid tester option, is now available on the 4200 Series tester. Scripting can be used with Easy-Wire Software or when the tester is functioning independent of Easy-Wire. To support Easy-Wire scripting, an Easy-Wire Version soon to be released, will be required. Reference the Cirris Easy-Wire scripting manual when the tester is controlled by Easy-Wire. Reference the Cirris Lua Scripting manual when scripting is run on the 4200 tester without Easy-Wire.

The SendTextToParallelPrinter command that was previously used in 1100 Tester scripts, will cause text to print on the 4200 Series’ serial 2 port. A serial-to-USB smart cable allows printing to a qualified printer with the new tester hardware version 39705.1D. The SetSerialParams and WriteToSerial command can be used on one of two local printers.

Local report printer and dual printer support

Firmware version 2019.2 when used with the new hardware 39705.1D will support two local printers though its serial ports.

The updated hardware supports the common Zebra desktop printers with the a common straight-through serial cable as has been shipped with past Cirris products. Common newer model Zebra printers are tested and supported as shown below:

Qualified Zebra Label Printers (tested compatible)
  • Zebra GC420t (stocked at Cirris)
  • Zebra GX420t
  • Zebra GK420t

Zebra also makes thermal direct versions of these printers which can be used for printing on 4-Inch wide thermal sensitive label roll. The only difference is the d (direct thermal), rather than the t (transfer ribbon). These printers again would not be used for cable labels.

  • Zebra GC420d
  • Zebra GX420d
  • Zebra GK420d

The updated firmware and hardware can also support qualified full-page report printers with a serial-to-USB smart cable (SER2-USB). Cirris will set the baud rate on this cable to a 115,200 and offer it as a starter kit item Cirris customers. The baud rate is difficult to set in the field.

Qualified Local Report Printers (tested compatible)
  • Brother HL-L6200DW (stocked at Cirris)
  • Brother HL-5340D
  • HP LaserJet Pro M118DW
  • HP LaserJet Pro M203DW
  • HP LaserJet Pro M402N
Tested Incompatible Local Report Printer

Brother HL-L2350DW

On the first 24 4200 Series testers sold, or in demo stock (Hardware Rev 39705.1C), updating to the new firmware revision will disable all local printing. If customers attempt to install a new firmware through Easy-Wire, they will be warned of this issue. If the customer requires local printing, Cirris will replace mother boards on these units free of charge.

Easier Setup for local printers

The new firmware makes it much for easy to setup a local printer. Just connect the cable to the printer. Then on the tester access Printer settings, and press Connect.

Calculate Connection Resistance

This new feature, known as CALC, on the 1100 series tester, allows a user to calculate the connection resistance from one or more sample cables, and if desired, use this calculation to set an adequate connection resistance for their test.

Error Location

If you have an open or a short, the tester will use capacitance to determine on which end the error is located. The tester will display the location on up to five errors. An asterisk indicates the error location on Error Reports.

Accuracy Improvements

The OS version 2019.2 when used with the new hardware version 39705.1D will improve measurement accuracy.

Test Name added to reports

Many customers use the test name to reflect the part number of the tested assembly. The test name has been added to the default full-page report templates.

Error Signature displayed when a cable is failing

Users use error signatures to recognize previously encountered errors, and sometimes to test a device in an intermediate state. We now display the error signature in the test window during a failing test.

Error Tones repeated on a failing cable

When Cable Attached is used for Start Condition and a cable is failing, the tester will continue to make error tones until the cable is removed. Error tones vary depending on the type of error. This capability also allows users to perform assembly work with opens, and be audibly notified if a miswire occurs.

2000V Scanner Support

The 4250 Tester can now support the optional 2000 VDC scanners in addition to the 1500 VDC scanners.

Guide for correct adapters

If the wrong adapters or no adapters have been inserted when a test is started, the tester will display the signatures for the correct adapters.

French and Chinese languages added

In addition to English and Spanish, the French and Chinese languages can be used on the 4200 Series testers.