Networking Made Easy

Networking Made Easy

Networking Made Easy software enables you to share folders on a Windows based machine with Cirris 1100 series or model Touch1 cable testers. If you are currently using the Touch1 or 1100 series testers and are running around with floppy disks or a thumb drive to add programs or collect SPC data, then this software is for you.

WARNING: Before upgrading to a new software version, always BACK-UP your existing test files and your existing database file.


With Networking Made Easy you can:

  • Edit and manage test programs from one central location for all test stations.
  • Back-up your test programs and data from all stations to a network location for safe keeping.
  • Analyze all production and testing data from a single client location.
  • Gather all test station SPC data reports into one folder for import into SPC Link.

How it Works:

Install Networking Made Easy on a Windows base computer that will be used as your server. Using the Cirris software create a configuration file to load on the Touch1 or 1100. Reboot your tester. Full installation instructions viewed here.

What you will need to use Networking Made Easy:

  • A Windows XP, Vista, or Server 2003 with user privileges to install software, modify firewall and port settings, and access to you network configuration.
  • A Windows network connected from the testers to the server computer.
  • Someone who is trained to work with your network and has access rights to make changes as needed.
  • The LAN-T1 or LAN-11 networking package installed on your Cirris tester.
    (Have your tester serial number ready when you call for pricing and details)

Networking Made Easy is optional software for your Cirris tester. It is not included as part of the tester purchase price. For more info. on the cost of the software and implementation details for your specific application, please call 1-800-441-9910 or email for details. Technical support is available for tester related issues. Network problems involving your companies’ network or server PC may incur an hourly support charge.

Please note:
There is a fee associated with upgrading your software. Most software .EXE files are zipped with password protection. Call your Cirris sales representative with your PO or Credit Card information to receive the passcode for your selected software. Call toll free at 1-800-441-9910.
This link will direct you to the software downloads page. You will be required to log in to download software.