Cirris Tester Access

Cirris Tester Access

Customize Your Testing Process and User Interface.

Access your Cirris Tester with applications written in: LabVIEW, Python, C, C++, C#, and Delphi.


Easy-Wire® Software normally provides the interface to operate most Cirris cable testers. When using CTA to control a Cirris tester, the normal Easy-Wire interface is not displayed to the user. CTA has a client-side DLL that allows your application to communicate with a Cirris tester, giving your application the full access to the core Easy-Wire test and reporting capability.

Making It Easy With A Wrapper

Rather than having to write your own interface to the CTA DLL, we save you programming time by providing wrappers for LabVIEW, Python, C, C#, C++ and Delphi. Instead of having to map out every command, you can drop in our wrapper and start coding. Wrappers for other applications are forthcoming.

Local and Remote Support

The client-side CTA DLL communicates with a CTA Server application installed on an Easy-Wire station.

The CTA DLL and CTA Server communicate with ZMQ, a robust network protocol. This means your application can run on the same station that is running CTA Server, or it can access the CTA Server from another network station. A CTA command allows you to easily configure station access.

Built From CTL Experience

In the past, CTL (Cirris Tester Language) allowed users to control Cirris stand-alone Signature testers. With CTA, you can now control all Cirris testers that use the Easy-Wire software. CTA has a command list that is inspired from CTL, but has all the power and flexibility of Easy-Wire components testing, and more.


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Cirris Tester Access (CTA) User Manual

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