Cirris Hub

Cirris Hub

What is the Cirris Hub

The Cirris Hub is a locally installed web-server that provides a platform to easily manage 4200 Series testers.   The server is managed by your local-network and accessed through a web browser.

With the Cirris Hub you can:

  • Share, manage and edit test programs over the local network.
  • Share test programs with remote locations.
  • Share network printers to connected testers.
  • Print reports directly to pdf or test files.
  • Edit test programs using the Hub editor.
  • Remotely name testers and track diagnostics such as calibration, firmware version, and testing status.
  • Monitor the current status of testers (Online / Offline / Testing).

What you will need to run the Cirris Hub software:

  • A PC to host the web-server running Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016/2019.
  • A local-network (wifi/ethernet) to provide connectivity between the testers and the server.
  • The hub-website can be accessed over local-network through one of the supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
  • The Hub can share printers accessible to the PC that the server is running on.  These can be printers over the network or printers connected to the PC directly.



Cirris Hub Install

Version 2023.4.1.8024  |  256.01 MB
MD5 Checksum: 6c047a1f97fcbf1f7a038d5330ef3330   ...



Cirris Hub User Manual

Version 2023.2.0  |  4.16 MB