Cirris Custom Products

Are you in need of special interfacing with your fixturing? Do you have restricted space requirements for your cable testing? Cirris has a team of experts that will help you adapt cable testing to your unique process and environment.

Custom testing rack.
  • We have been able to help many customers meet their specific cable testing needs and requirements. These projects have included very large numbers of test points, integration with competitor test equipment, custom adapters, complex harness boards, unique fixturing cables, custom scripting, and more.

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Custom Products Portfolio


  • Military Circular Box Adapter
  • Tabletop Testing Board
  • Tabletop Testing Board
  • Versatile Tabletop Testing Board
  • Harness Board with Tilt Table and Light Curtain
  • Densely Connector-populated Harness Board
  • Harness Board With Drawing
  • Recessed CR Racked Test System
  • Mobile Station with Custom Panels
  • Extruded Aluminum Racking Framework
  • Standard Equipment rack with Custom Transition Panels
  • Single High Adapter Panels Enclosure
  • Large Mobile Custom Extruded Aluminum Cart
  • Custom Interface Cable
  • Custom Interface Cable
  • Custom Interface Adapter
  • Mechanical Interface Box
  • Multi-cable Testing Interface
  • Adapter Interface in Tester Expansion Box
  • Test Fixture - Secures Cables in Place
  • Tabletop Test Board with Embedded Tester
  • Test Fixture for Multiple Flying Cable Ends
  • Custom Clamp Adapter
  • Cable Adapter for Larger Cables
  • Custom Interface Cable
  • Portable CH2 Rack with Table
  • Extruded Aluminum Cart with Test System
  • High Point Count Adapter Panels

Every Cirris tester that leaves our factory is calibrated in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO-10012 to standards traceable to the NIST in the United States.


Verify Calibration with Performance Check Kits

Cirris provides Performance Check Kits for you to verify that your tester is still calibrated correctly. These kits are simple enough to be used in-house, saving you time and money. Each kit comes with a Certificate of Calibration that validates your Performance Check Kit for a service period of two years.  Learn more here.


Is your tester failing the Performance Check Kit?

In the unlikely event that a Cirris tester is found to be out of calibration, the tester can be sent back to a Cirris facility  or to a third party calibration lab for evaluation and recalibration. This procedure validates your tester for a service period of one year. Find out more here.


Performance Check Kits – Frequently Asked Questions

At Cirris we receive a lot of questions about calibration and performance check kits. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers to help you better understand how to use this tool.

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