Data Collection and Reporting Capabilities

Many Cirris customers are primarily concerned with simply testing their cables and having test reports that are limited to providing "pass/fail" results of their testing. 

However, more and more customers are looking to use SPC data collection and test reports not only to ensure 100% quality, but also to monitor and improve their processes. SPC (Statistical Process Control) data collection and custom test reports can help you to:

    • Improve your process. By focusing on the most prevalent errors you can determine where you get the most "bang for your buck" in improving your processes! By gathering specific error details and using Pareto charts, you can track errors by assembly part number, operator, test station, type of defect, and date & time tested.
    • Monitor your process. With Measured Values data not only can you verify that your cables pass the test, but also that the quality of your process is stable. For example, a cable has a 2 ohm maximum resistance spec, and historically your measured values data shows the process is producing cables in the 1 to 1.2 ohm range. If all of a sudden that jumps to 1.8 ohms you know the cables are still passing, but something has changed in the process that warrants looking at.
    • Provide proof of testing. Many customers use simple pass/fail test reports to provide 100% proof of testing. You can extend this value by utilizing features such as Serial number tracking, date and time stamping, Lot ID's, and First Article Verify. Also, you can customize your test reports to provide specific information in a format your customers want to see.

Click any link below for a 'How-To' article or video to help you enable the SPC data gathering on your Cirris tester or to reach information on how to design your test reports.