Promethium Software

Promethium Test Program Emulation Software

Do You Use Another Industry Tester?

Cirris is developing new software that converts test programs developed for use on a different company’s software into a format compatible with Cirris hardware. If you use DIT-MCO or OmniTester equipment and wish to transition to a Cirris CH2 tester, you may be interested in a trial of Promethium.

What is Promethium?

Promethium is software that reads test programs from DIT-MCO and OmniTester software and converts them into a format that can be run on a Cirris CH2 tester. This way no data gets lost or has to be re-entered into a new software program just because of a tester change. You can continue using the certified test programs your company has amassed over the years.

How does Promethium work?

promethium software screen
Promethium allows a Cirris tester to run test programs
of other manufacturer's test equipment.

With the Cirris CH2 tester hooked up to a PC, open Promethium and navigate to the desired test program. The software will convert the program into a language that can be read on the CH2. If any errors are found, you can correct them within the software. When all problems are resolved, you can test cables and harnesses using Promethium. When testing is complete, the Error Logs and Run Reports are generated in the same format as DIT-MCO and OmniTester reports. These reports are automatically saved to your PC.

How is Promethium different from easy-wire?

Cirris easy-wire software was created exclusively for Cirris test equipment. The intuitive software helps users register connectors, build test programs, test cables and harnesses, and generate reports.

Promethium takes existing DIT-MCO or OmniTester test programs and converts them into a format that can be used to test cables and harnesses on the Cirris CH2.

Promethium is not capable of creating new test programs, only converting current test programs for the CH2.

How to obtain Promethium

Cirris is looking for companies with DIT-MCO or OmniTester test programs and either own or want to try a free demo of the Cirris CH2. These companies can try out Promethium and see for themselves how easy it can be to transition to a CH2 no matter how long you’ve used DIT-MCO or OmniTester equipment.

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