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Mil-Spec Box Adapters

Mil-Spec Box Adapters

The Box Adapter approach is a box built on a standard adapter PCB. We make a special mounting plate to hold your cable test connectors which are wired directly to the PCB below. The mounting plate is secured to the top of the box. The ‘Box Adapter’ allows a “double high” adapter to hold several small connectors. You can specify the relative positions of the test connectors. This option is great for testing very short cables or harnesses.

To secure the cable test connectors to the plate we require mounting flanges or mounting rings on each test connectors used. The total number of test points (all mounted connectors) cannot exceed 28 points for a single high adapter, 64 points for a double high adapter, or 120 for a quad high adapter.

To Order: Contact Cirris to order your Mil-Spec Box Adapter kit. Alternately, you can send us your cable testing connector(s). If you need more than one test connector mounted on the mounting plate we’ll also need the relative positioning information. We may request a sample of the device to be tested to insure we layout the connector placement properly. We will evaluate the cost to fabricate your cable test adapter then call or e-mail you the quote.

Part Number Description
HCMB-SS Mil-Spec Adapter High voltage single-high box adapter. Up to 28 pins.
HCMB-SD Mil-Spec Adapter High voltage double-high box adapter. Up to 64 pins.

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