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Frame Mount Stand & Cards

Frame Mount Stand & Cards

The Frame Mount Stand can be used to easily make a test interface using panel-mount, product-mating connectors. The stand can be installed on the tester base or on an expansion scanner in place of the “cover plates.” Available blank, top plates can be modified with cutouts to insert the product-mating connectors which are back-wired to a mate for any standard adapter installed on the tester.

For a custom solution, send us your connector(s). If you need more than one connector mounted on the test plate please provide layout information and a sample of the cable or device to be tested. (Please tell us which standard adapters you wish to plug the interface cables into.) We will review and evaluate the cost to construct the Frame-Stand adapter and then call or e-mail you the quote.

Part Number Description
ACIR-1+ Frame mount for any four positions. Compatible with Easy-Touch Pro, 4200, and 4250 testers.
ACLP-KY Black Kydex frame mount plate 3″ x 6 5/8″
ACLP-G1 Black G-10 frame mount plate 3″ x 6 5/8″

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