Clamp Adapters

Clamp Adapters

Clamp Adapters are an ideal solution for cable test connectors without mounting flanges or rings. They can hold a wide variety of connectors (round, rectangular, odd shapes). The test connector is clamped with screw pressure and the test connector is wired directly to the PCB below. You can easily replace the connector if/when it wears out. Connectors with up to 28 contacts use a single high adapter. Connectors with up to 64 contacts use a double high adapter.

To order: Contact Cirris to order your Clamp Adapter kit. Alternately, you can send us your cable test connectors. We will evaluate the cost to assemble them in a Clamp Adapter and then call or e-mail you a quote.

Part Number Description
HCLM-SS High voltage single-high clamp adapter. Up to 28 pins.
HCLM-SD High voltage double-high clamp adapter. Up to 64 pins.

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