Test Blocks

Test Blocks

E-Z Hook® Block

Connects to discrete terminals and wires. E-Z-Hooks are spaced at .55 inch (14 mm). A bi-color LED is provided for each E-Z-Hook, making guided assembly and error detection easy. E-Z-Hooks are also compatible with Cirris Smart-Lights.

Part Number Description
EZH2-05 2-Position Block
EZH4-05 4-Position Block

Custom Plate Mount

Screw directly onto custom fixture plate and then clip onto mounting brackets.


Custom Discrete Block

Solder mating terminals on large PCB pads. Predrilled holes in pads allow for easy mounting of bolts, industry standard test clips, and Smart-Lights™. Pads are spaced at .55 inch (14mm). Bi-color LED provided on each pad connection making guided assembly and error detection easy.

Part Number Description
ECD2-05 2-Position Block
ECD4-05 4-Position Block

Vise Test Block

For clamping product mating test connectors. Provided with bi-color LED and mounting holes for Smart-Lights. Vise Test Blocks provide mounting and strain relief of wires coming out of the test connector. (Note: EVL series blocks require use of EWTL-05 Mounting Brackets.)

Part Number Description
EVL1-05 Connectors up to 1” x 1.2”
EVM2-05 Connectors up to 2” x 1.2”
EVMC-05 Circular Connectors up to 1” DIA
EVL1-05 Connectors up to 1” x 2.4”
EVL2-05 Connectors up to 2” x 2.4”
EVL3-05 Connectors up to 3” x 2.4”
EVL4-05 Connectors up to 4” x 2.4”
EVLC-05 Circular Connectors up to 2” DIA

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