Grid Board System

Grid Board System

Grid tiles mounted on plywood provides the platform into which moveable bracket bases can be attached. The system provides the flexibility to use and reuse the same harness board and components for multiple assemblies. The locking bracket bases allow product mating connectors and other components to be moved as required, even as harnesses are assembled. If the adapter isn’t in the right place, simply pop the bracket base out of the grid tile and move it where it’s needed.

Name Part Number Description
Grid Tile Grid Tile EWGT-10 Grid board tiles come as individual pieces that screw-mount to plywood. Tile size is 3.85″ x 3.85″ (98mm x 98mm). Each kit of 10 covers one square foot (.096 square meters). Grid hole spacing is .275″ (7mm). Screws included.
Grid Starter Pack EWSP-05 Required to install grid tiles. Includes grid spacer assembly clips, assembly information, and samples of Velcro® wrap and drawing fasteners.
Bracket Base Bracket Base EWBB-05 Kit of 5. Locking bracket base mounts to grid tile board. Used with EWSB-05, EWTS-05, EWTL-05, EDNB-05 and EWZB-05 brackets. One base required for each bracket.
Velcro Clips Velcro Clips EWVC-20 Kit of 20. Clips used to attach Velcro wrapped cabling to grid tiles.
Velcro Wrap EWVW-10 Used in conjunction with Velcro clips to bundle and organize cables. Can be cut to desired length. 10 feet.
Drawing Fasteners Drawing fasteners EWDF-20 Provide method for attaching drawings to grid tiles.
Sample Kit Easy-Wire™ Sample Kit EWSK-00 A sample of many of the Easy-Wire parts. Includes a Vise Test Block, 2-Position Custom Discrete Block, Short Bracket, Tall Bracket with Standard Mount, Drop Nail Bracket, Z Accessory Bracket, Bracket Base, Grid Tile, and Velcro Wrap Sample.

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