Digital I/O Module

Digital I/O Module

While most Cirris testers have a built-in Digital I/O port, the number of inputs and outputs are not sufficient for some situations. That’s why we developed the Digital I/O module. It provides more capability with 28 outputs, 20 inputs, voltage options, and more current.

Part Number: DIO-MOD

  • Automated Testing Process – Digital I/O lets you set up automated actions to make the test process safer and more efficient.
  • Increase Safety – Use Digital I/O to add extra safety features to your process, such as status lights and audio output.
  • More Inputs/Outputs – The Digital I/O module has more inputs and outputs than the built-in version.
  • Twenty Dual Pins – Twenty pins can be used as either an input or output giving you even more Digital I/O options.
  • Voltage Options – Voltage ranging from 3.3 volts to 24 volts expands your tester’s capabilities.
  • Program using Lua – Use scripting to customize test programs.
  • Setup Options Available – If you are unfamiliar with Lua programming, Cirris can help create the scripts needed for your Digital I/O needs.
  • Designed for 1100, Easy-Touch™, 4200, and 4250 testers with scripting enabled
  • Dimensions – 6.3” x 4.9” x 1.2” (160 x 124.5 x 30.5 mm)

Interface Connector

44-pin D-sub


20 dual pins


20 dual pins, 8 dedicated pins (Sink 500 mA total)

Voltage Rails

3.3 VDC, 5 VDC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC (500 mA max)


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Digital I/O Module Getting Started Guide

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