4250 Expansion Box

4250 Expansion Box

A cost effective way to increase the number of test points for your 4250 cable tester.

Part Numbers
Number Description
C4250-E15 4250 1500VDC* Expansion Box (128 points)
C4250-E20 4250 2000VDC† Expansion Box (128 points)
* 1500V (HV) adapters required for HiPot above 1000VDC (707VAC).
† H2KM-64 adapters required for HiPot above 1500VDC.

The Cirris Expansion Boxes are purposely designed in modular form to allow you, the customer, to add only the test points that you need and want. You are not required to purchase large cabinets filled with test points you do have requirements for. Another customer friendly feature of our expansion boxes is that they are easy to add to your exsisting systems. No expensive tools or time consuming contortions are required. Simply lift the scanners out of their metal work and plug in the supplied ribbon cables, put the electronics back in the can then snap the metal work to the main tester unit or another expansion box.

Low cost and easy to use, Cirris expansion boxes are ruggedly constructed, portable and easy to install.

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