Welcome New Cirris Systems CEO, Craig Taylor

As of April 2018, Craig Taylor became the President & CEO of Cirris Systems Corp.

Craig Taylor

Craig brings years of experience leading companies to success. We are excited to have him as part of the Cirris family. As Craig puts it, “It is a tremendous honor to serve as the CEO of Cirris Systems.  I am humbled to be part of such a great team.”

Craig’s past experiences serving as CEO has given him insight into how he can better lead Cirris. At Blendtec, he helped shape the company into a global business. Shortly after, he established a company culture at Molen that allowed them to plan for future growth. Craig is already implementing plans to build the future of Cirris. Part of this is by ensuring that we meet the needs of everyone with whom we interact. He says, “Our mission of creating the best ownership experience not only extends to our shareholders, as an ESOP company, but also to our valued partners and customers.”

One of Craig’s strongest beliefs for a successful company is to develop a strong company culture. Not only will a good culture have a positive influence on employees, but it will translate to the customers, providing them a good experience as well. Craig’s presence at Cirris has already begun to create an uplifting culture through his attitude and example. In his own words, he states, “I am incredibly excited to assume this new role and for the future of Cirris Systems.  We have an exceptionally talented team that is focused on taking decisive actions to transform the business, continuing to innovate our product in new and diverse ways, and unlocking future growth opportunities.  We remain confident in our business plan and I believe we are taking the right steps to move the business forward.”

As Cirris moves forward, we can’t think of anyone better to guide us toward success.

About Cirris: Cirris Systems manufactures wire/harness test equipment. We create test systems that are easy-to-use and affordable. Along with quality testers, we provide support to help at any point in the test process. To learn more about Cirris, visit our website at cirris.com.