easy-wire 2015.1

Cirris Systems aims to save time and reduce errors for test engineers with easy-wire software version 2015.1.

This release includes the Cirris Connector Generator, a software tool that incorporates connectors belonging to the MIL-STD 1554, 1560, 1669, or D-Subminiatures series into the software to be used in cable/harness test creation. This feature will save test engineers time by automatically generating these connectors, including images, which leads to quicker test creation.

Test engineers will also value new color and line width selection tools in the graphic editor feature of easy-wire. These drawing tools allow test engineers to customize connector graphics for easier identification.

Learn how to download the software here.

More information on these new features is included when you download easy-wire version 2015.1. Contact your Cirris representative for downloading instructions and charges. You must register and log in to download software. Be sure to back up your database before installing updates.