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Testable Grounded Shells

Testable Grounded Shells

If your cable includes a shield wire (ground line) that runs from shell to shell and you wish to test that wire for shorts to any other conductors, your cable shells must become active test points. Cirris offers adapters with either pogo pins or a wire with alligator clip soldered to the shell as a way to test this type of cable. The pogo pins (or wire with an alligator clip) are tied to the active test circuit of the adapter. The photos below illustrate the idea.

Adapter pogo pin

Cirris uses pogo Pin test points as our standard approach to make contact between the cable’s shell and the adapter test circuit.

Adapter mating

Cable Connector,(top) mates to adapter connector(bottom).
2 pogo pins per adapter make contact (as well as the metal shell itself) from adapter to shell to insure adequate contact for testing.