Cable testing at an affordable price.

The Cirris 1100R+ meets low voltage testing needs with hundreds of interchangeable adapters and up to seven expansion boxes. The tester's large display will alert the builder to errors while the 1100R+'s fast scanning rate makes it ideal for finding intermittent shorts and opens.



Meet Testing Needs

  • Up to 1024 test points (128 pts/box)
  • Resistance range from .005 to 100K ohms
  • Tests resistors, diodes, and capacitors
  • Large display
  • Over 200 standard adapters which plug directly into the tester
  • Find intermittent shorts and opens by flexing the cable while testing
  • Determines which end of the cable has an open or short
  • 4-Wire “Kelvin” Testing Capable


  • Create test programs by learning from a sample assembly, or by downloading from a PC through the serial port using CTL-Win software
  • Create, edit, write, and save custom test programs from a PC
  • Use CTL-Win software to create Graphical Wiring Schematic Reports of your cables
  • Print the graphical reports or save them as a PDF file

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