Setting up a test with Easy-Wire

Cirris Easy-Wire software controls the CH2, CR, and Easy-Touch Pro test systems. The software can optionally be used to control the Cirris 4200 and 4250.

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Easy-Wire features:

  • Use visual and audible feedback for guided assembly or troubleshooting.
  • Restrict user access to areas of the software by login.
  • Customize and archive test reports with measured values.
  • Create test programs by learning a known good device, importing test data, or manually entering.
  • Import test instructions from Excel files with the Format Conversion Utility.
  • Utilize either traditional, or on compatible testers, Smart-Light fixturing.
  • Test wires, resistors, capacitors, twisted pairs, diodes. and switches. Test
    relays, lights and solenoids on compatible Cirris Testers.
  • Label points, connectors, and nets.
  • Share a single network database through multiple test stations.
  • Choose from several test or build-test modes to suit your practices.
  • Create and modify test programs off-line with or without a tester attached to the system.
Easy-Wire Main Screen


With Cirris Harness Testers

Integrating testing upstream in the assembly process allows problems to be discovered when or even before they occur.

Here an operator uses the View Connectors Window, available on the Cirris CR and CH2 harness testers, to pin a connector. Connector images can also allow easier troubleshooting during final test.

Pinning a connector with Easy-Wire


Network Your Easy-Wire Stations

Cirris Server Software enables you to share one database with many different test stations. If you are currently running Easy-Wire and want to share and manage the programs with other test stations, this is the software for you. All Easy-Wire stations and the Cirris Server must have the same software version.

Server Software


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Latest Features

Easy-Wire Version History

Cirris is constantly making Easy-Wire better. Here are just a few of the new features available in Easy-Wire:


Download Easy-Wire

  • Evaluate this upgrade version for a 21-day demo period.
  • To extend the evaluation, or to purchase the upgrade, contact your Cirris Sales Representative. To find your sales representative, see our Contact Page.
  • To network Easy-Wire stations, you will also need to download the same version of Cirris Server. See Download Cirris Server.
  • For detailed instructions on activating newly installed licensed software, see activate.easy-wire.com.

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